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Battle of the Japanese Giants: Steel Dragon 2000 VS Fujiyama

My Japan trip in 1998 - oh Lord, I think I was still 3' tall back then - had an enduring impact on my passion in roller coasters and theme parks. I attributed that to a magical day at Tokyo Disneyland, which left me crying hysterically because the tour leader insisted we had to go back to the hotel at 17:00 (for reference, that was five hours before the closing time). It traumatised me to this day: I vowed to never join any other tours unless necessary because it would leave me disappointed.
But there was another theme park that we visited in that trip that left such a huge impression on me: Fuji-Q Highland. As soon as our tour bus entered the parking lot, the tour operator screamed at his microphone, "Look out of your windows! This just opened two years ago! Believe it or not, this is the the King of Coaster, Asia's and one of the world's biggest roller coasters!" I was in awe at the sight of sprawling steel structures in front of me and trains full of screamin…

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