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Roller Coaster Review: Atlantis Adventure at Lotte World (Seoul, South Korea)

In Lotte World in Seoul, South Korea, there is a roller coaster that everyone always runs towards to once the theme park opens. It's without doubt the star attraction of the park, possessing line that is constantly more than 90 minutes long even on a normal weekday. The launch, the quickly changing turns and layout, as well as its theming aren't the only things that make this a roller coaster to pay attention to.
This is Atlantis Adventure. As of today, it's the world's only IntaminAqua Trax roller coaster.

There's no doubt that the exterior of this roller coaster would make guests passing by stop and be awed by the sight of the coaster carts moving in and out of the intricately Atlantis-themed castle that houses Atlantis Adventure. The launch, the intensity, and the impeccable theming of this 'petite' roller coaster makes it a must-go while at the park and - in fact - makes Lotte World worth a visit.
But if it's such a good coaster, why is there only …

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