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Park Review: Hansa-Park (Sierksdorf, Germany)

As Germany's only seaside theme park, Hansa-Park doesn't necessarily come into minds when they think of Germany. Located in Sierksdorf in Northern Germany, Hansa-Park is actually closer to Denmark than the majority of Germany itself. Additionally, Hansa-Park is quite of a challenge to reach: the quickest way with public transportation from the closest major city, Hamburg, is 90 minutes.
Historically, Hansa-Park has been a family and largely local theme park - statuses that the theme park still proudly holds nowadays. But that changed in 2009 with the opening of a Gerstlauer Euro-Fighter called Fluch von Novgorod, which somewhat catapulted it to international status and attention.
HOW TO GET TO HANSA-PARK FROM HAMBURG Tourists who consider a day-visit to Hansa-Park might consider Hamburg as a point of stay. While the 90-minute journey is quite long compared to the shorter Phantasialand-Cologne and Europa Park-Freiburg trips, it's relatively simple and straightforward.

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