Park Review: Hersheypark (Hershey, PA) || Part 2: Pros and Cons

If you saw my post yesterday, thank you so much for taking the time to do so :-) I really appreciate it.

In today's post, I will share with you about what I like and dislike about Hersheypark. So let's get going right away!


Oh, Hersheypark, truly the sweetest theme park on the planet. When I said "sweetest," it's not just speaking in terms of taste. There's so much sweetness that one can find from this park. Here are some of the sweets that I experienced over the weekend:

Beautiful Landscaping

While still not on par with that of, say, Busch Gardens Williamsburg, Hersheypark's landscaping is truly beautiful. Each roller coaster, particularly in The Hollow section of the park, makes beautiful use of the surrounding terrain in order to further enforce the beauty of the landscape. For example, look at this video of the Great Bear roller coaster:

You can see that the Great Bear literally hugs the terrains and the area surrounding the river very beautifully, making it a rather photogenic spot for visitors to look at the roller coaster, as they awe at the roaring sound of this B&M masterpiece.

Hersheypark's beautiful landscaping itself is the main attraction of the theme park
Of course, the use of natural terrain is not the only thing that I can say good things about. There are also the beautiful path-ing throughout the park.

The pathway at the main entrance is carefully designed to look as pretty as possible
Plenty of Space to Go Coaster-Watching

Despite being a thrill park, Hersheypark seems to perfectly understand that not all visitors are thrill seekers themselves. They just want to come and watch their friends and beloved ones being scared on the roller coaster. Hersheypark provides these people with so many spots for them to look at their beloved ones being scared to death. I personally found multiple spots that I feel was amazing to just sit down, eat ice cream, and watch people being excited, scared, and terrorized.

Cheap Food

When I say cheap, it's really cheap! Like cheap affordable. Recently, I got a char grilled burger, fries, and a large drink, everything for just $10.99. Like, seriously, Hersheypark does a great job in ensuring that their food is affordable for everyone (unlike Cedar Fair parks, cough cough...)

Free Services

There are free lockers available at each ride, so visitors do not have to burden themselves with locking their things at lockers before riding.

Free lockers available at each ride; this is the locker at Wildcat
Oh and did I say that they offer free connectivity? Free charging stations and free Wi-Fi that actually works? Like how cool is that?

Free charging station, courtesy of T-Mobile

Wi-Fi connection that actually works well, kudos Hersheypark!


No matter how sweet Hersheypark is, there are of course a few bitter spots. There was only one problem that I found with Hersheypark, and it had nothing to do with the roller coasters.

Short-Staffed Food Counters

I guess cheap food prices comes at one downside: extremely slow food service. For example, there were only 20 people in the line, but it literally take the counter 30 minutes to serve everyone. It seems there was a lack of direction and lack of collaborative work in some of the restaurants throughout the park.
People were waiting in line and there was no one to serve at the counter, as everyone was too busy preparing food
The key here seems to be that Hersheypark was somewhat short-staffed during my visit at some of the food places. This should be getting better as the season progresses and more people are available to work.


In summary, my visit to Hersheypark was definitely an enjoyable one. After all, Springtime in the Park event was regarded as a "preview" and not the main event itself. As such, many kinks here and there were to be expected. As the season goes, Hersheypark should well be one of the best operated theme park of the season.