After 16 years... I finally visited all Disney theme parks around the world || Part 1: Introduction

It felt as if I accomplished this in a snap of my fingers... but it was not that short. On October 24, 2015, it has been 16 years since I went to my first Disney theme park. That day also marked something really special. Why? Because I checked one of my top bucket list entries...


Yeap, you heard that right! All 12 theme parks around the world, visited. Done. BOOM!

Disneyland Paris || Adriel's Victory Shot
My victory portrait // shot at Disneyland Paris
Curious about my Disney theme parks journey? Here is my timeline:
  1. Tokyo Disneyland (1999, 2003)
  2. Disneyland (2000, 2001)
  3. Disney's California Adventure (2001)
  4. Tokyo DisneySea (2003)
  5. Disney's Hollywood Studios (then Disney-MGM Studios), EPCOT, Disney's Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom (2004, 2015)
  6. Hong Kong Disneyland (2009)
  7. Disneyland Paris, Walt Disney Studios Park (2015)
At this stage, some of you might wonder why I did this in the first place. Like... what's the point? What did you get from this? What have you learned? How will you use this experience in the future?

It's odd to say this as a business student... but to be honest, I did it for fun. I did it because this is a personal interest of mine. Theme parks are my true interests that I simply cannot resist. Even as I grow older, I still feel the butterfly in my stomach when I go to a theme park. My heart skips a beat thinking about all of the rides (especially roller coasters!!!). I love theme parks. I have fun with them. I know it's a true passion of mine that I will never throw away.

It's not always fun... sometimes I peed myself too...
(The Twilight Zone Tower of Terror, Disney's Hollywood Studios)
One of my previous Supervisors at a company that I worked for last year told me once that there is nothing wrong with having a personal interest that the others might think as pointless. In fact, this is one of the main things that eventually drives us as we grow up. It is a force that keeps us inspired, reminding us that if we do the things that we are doing at the moment well, we will manage to fulfil our personal needs.

I agree with what he said. These past 16 years, my goal of visiting all Disney theme parks around the world was one of the reasons why I am so fond of doing things to my best efforts.

So at the beginning of the year, do take the time to reflect... what is it that you're personally and truly interested in? How would you want to use it as a main driver of your current doings?

For now, I am going to leave you with this photo of mine being a Cinderella wannabe...

"Florida is hot, so never wear long pants." -Adriel Tjokrosaputro
Click here for Part 2, where I talk about things that I learned from this experience.


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