300th Roller Coaster Milestone: Thoughts and Reflection

There it was: standing mightily at 183.8 feet tall with its 83-degree first drop, allowing the train to reach a top speed of 71.5 miles/hour (115 kilometers/hour).

"So beautiful," I said to myself. "This is it. My first ever Rocky Mountain Construction roller coaster. My 300th roller coaster in my life. Oh my God, I'm so excited!"

I feel butterflies tickling the inside of my tummy, the same exact feeling that I had when I went to a Disney theme park for the first time in 1999.
Wildfire at Kolmården is my 300th roller coaster. It's also my 1st Rocky Mountain Construction roller coaster. (August 2016)
To imagine that I had been on more than 300 roller coasters at the time of this writing was just... mind-boggling. I didn't expect myself to have the opportunities to explore the world and pursue my passion.

But there I was at Kolmården being welcomed by the management to celebrate my 300th roller coaster with Wildfire.

The blog and project One Theme Park At A Time (#OneThemeParkAtATime on Instagram, please) is something that I started last year to share my thoughts on the theme parks and roller coasters that I visited. At the time, I thought of it as a way to casually explore my passion aside from my study at the time. It's something that I didn't mind doing at all: I love roller coasters with my heart. And I want people to know how lovely and exciting roller coasters are.

Fast forward to today, it has become something more: theme parks in Europe, particularly, start to notice that there is an Indonesian roller coaster fanatic roaming around the area, looking for the world's best roller coasters and theme parks. They invited me to come over and enjoy their offerings, write about their rides and parks, etc..

I am grateful that I was discovered, that there are some people out there who recognise and appreciate others who do quirky things that are generally unacceptable in typical society.

You might want to know why this is such a significant feat for me. Back at my homeland, this wouldn't simply happen. Such interest will be regarded as useless and immature, and I know how it makes me feel to be thought of as such.

Having grown up in a society that doesn't give freedom to unconventional ideas, One Theme Park At A Time provides me with a medium to freely express my voice in something that I love. Call me melodramatic, but I can't be more grateful enough because I finally feel accepted - and even appreciated - by the people around me for doing such unusual things that I love doing.

To everyone who has showered me with love in my pursuit, I can't say enough thank you(s) to all of you guys. Every day, I learn more and more to be true to myself, and I now know that this blog is one of the many ways for me to reach the point of becoming the true Adriel Tjokrosaputro (OMG, that's me!).
Never too old for a day at a Disney theme park. (June 2015)
The journey doesn't stop here. As I'm preparing the next chapter of my life, I'm going to continue doing things that I love and make me happy. Hopefully, I'll be able to continue pursue this blog wherever I go, whenever I can.

This is me, living my life... One Theme Park At A Time.

Can't stop won't stop,